In Sanskrit, ‘Sambandhah’ means ‘Relation’. We work on strengthening relations with Self, Spouse, Children, Parents & Other Relations.

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Post Marital Counseling

Laying strong foundation to relations.


Changes are inevitable in the life of an individual. Getting married is the major change which occurs in anyone’s life. When we invest our time into
something, we need to make sure that it is worthy. We need to be assured that the foundation is worthy enough investing.

Marriage is also something, where we invest our life into it! Therefore it is very much necessary that it is good enough to go for it!

These sessions help the couple to cope up with the new and long lasting phase of life.


The aim is to have strong and happy families and help individuals to avoid conflicts, disputes and thus, bringing down the divorce rates. This will also help the couples to stay physically and mentally fit, in turn contribute happiness to the society and most importantly, to give a happy next generation to the world!


Knowing each other is very important in marriage, which enables a level of trust and comfort in the marriage. Once the marriage rituals are over, the couple gets to the room and that’s the point when the actual knowing starts. Till then, there were parents, friends and relatives supporting. Knowing each other does not mean involve getting involve physically but to have a heart-to-heart connection that strikes through. Knowing each other in the real sense, without entering into the private space of each other, will help the couple to have a deep and strong bonding.

Marriage is not between two persons, but it is between two families. Once the couple gets adjusted to each other and they are compatible with each other, they should make an attempt to accept and adjust to the opposite families. The couple should always remember that they are attached to each other later but they are firstly attached to respective families. The individuals should understand the fact that the opposite family may or may not be open to changes in a sudden way. Therefore, attempts should be made to build a trust and a good image in the family first, and later on point out the negatives in a diplomatic or a better way such that they don’t feel offended.

Parenting is a duty with full of responsibility. Parenting should be by choice and not by chance! When the couple is struggling to get compatible with each other in the initial years of marriage, they are often loaded with the responsibility of parenting. It sometimes creates a chaos between the couple and their relation as a husband- wife can get ruined. Therefore it is advisable to take the decision of conceiving a child with proper planning instead of getting into some peer pressure from the society. This is in turn beneficial to the couple and to the interest of the child.

Finance is a very important aspect in all the aspects of life. Financial planning is very much needed after marriage as both the spouses have great untold expectations from each other which can get broken if the couples don’t have any financial stability. If both the spouses are working, then it is advisable for them to have a proper saving taking their and their children’s future into consideration. If only the husband is working while wife is serving the family, then the husband should share all the necessary details with his wife so as to make her feel equally important in the relationship.

Planning for financial stability of the family taking the spouse into confidence strengthens the relations in the family. When both the spouses sit together and plan for future, it leaves an impact on the children also that how to manage the family and finances and they will also follow the footsteps of the parents in future.

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Marriage Bureau


When two persons are married to each other, it is the happiest day of their life. At the same time, there are lot of confusions, fears, doubts about how to cope with each other in an entirely new environment in midst of so many new people. These sessions help the couples to cope up with all these feelings and lay a strong foundation of marriage.

Parents wait for the day when their children get married. If the children are married happily, they are happy. They can expect assistance from the children when they are old. But, if the children go through disturbed marriage life, the parents not only got broke but also have a fear of their old age being ruined. These sessions help them to find a suitable partner for their children.

Siblings share a special bond with each other. When they get married, they expect their partners’ to get mixed in the family. This brings comfort among the siblings and the family in general. The otherwise is worse and can actually separate the siblings, bringing a division in the happy family. These sessions help to select suitable candidate to keep the family united and make it happy.

Societal groups always thrive hard to have a peaceful society. These sessions help the groups in throwing light to the problems being faced by the society after marriage and achieve the ultimate aim of peace in the society.

Marriage Bureaus work hard to help the unmarried get married with suitable partners. To add to it, they can approach us for these pre-marital sessions to see that the persons who get married through their bureau remain happily married. This will increase the reputation of the marriage bureau concerned.

The NGO’s which work on eradicating the problems of the individuals and the society can suggest these sessions to the persons concerned to avoid the problems.

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Services Offered

  • Individual Counselling Individual Counseling Individual Counseling
  • Group Counselling Group Counselling Group
  • Seminar Counselling Seminar Counselling Seminars
  • Webinar Counselling Webinar Counselling Webinar
  • Workshop Workshop Workshops
  • Keynote Speaking Keynote Speaking Keynote Speaking
  • Tele Counselling Tele Counselling Tele Counseling
  • Guest Speach Guest Speach Guest Speach

Individual Counseling

These sessions are targeted to focus on “Would-Be Couples” who are engaged or going to engage soon. These are individual sessions of 45 minutes each covering all the important topics in total of 7 sessions. The sessions may vary on the requirement and understanding of the individuals. The whole counselling is divided into certain segments where four will be of couples together, one session will be of the girls’ parent’s side and one session will be of the boys’ parent’s side. Last session will be winding up and get together of both the sides.

Group Counseling

These will be sessions of minimum 5 couples and maximum 10 couples. It will be conducted in a day from morning till evening for approximately 7 hours. In these sessions also, two hours will be dedicated to the parents of both the sides.


This will be of a duration of two hours at the time and venue convenient to the organizer and to the speaker. This will cover the over view of the premarital counselling sessions. The speaker shall speak for one and half hour and the rest half an hour will be dedicated to the audience for question and answer session.


This will be of a duration of two hours conducted online from the comfort of the homes of the audience on the date and time fixed. This will cover the over view of the premarital counselling sessions. The speaker shall speak for one and half hour and the rest half an hour will be dedicated to the audience for question and answer session.


This will be of a duration of one day with breakfast, lunch included. This will be conducted for a minimum of 5 couples and maximum 10 couples. The entire sessions of individual counselling will be covered in one day. This will be beneficial to those who cannot spend one hour each day for seven consecutive days.

Keynote Speaking

On invitation from any organization or institution, the speaker from this institute shall attend and deliver the speech on the topic defined. The time duration will be as defined by the organizer.

Tele Counseling

This will be the same as individual counselling sessions. There shall be 7 sessions of 45 minutes each. The benefit of this counselling session is long
distance persons can avoid travel and can take sessions from the comfort of their home. The couple and the counsellor will have a conference video/audio call and conduct the sessions.

Guest Speach

The institute shall invite prominent guest speakers on certain occasions for sharing their knowledge through their speech to the audience. The programme will be designed as per the practice of the guest speaker.

₹ 0/ per couple

  • ₹ 0 - per session / per couple
  • ₹ 0 - seven sessions / per couple

₹ 0/ per couple

Charges would be based on conveyance and accommodation, if required.

Charges would be on the duration and selected topic.

₹ 0/ per couple

Rs.0 – per couple for whole day, with full of activities, including breakfast, lunch and high-tea, materials, etc.

Charges would be on conveyance and accommodation , if required and the requirement of the organization.

₹ 0/ per couple

  • ₹ 0 - per session / per couple
  • ₹ 0 - seven sessions / per couple

₹ 0

Price Breakdown

Price Details

Maximum Retail Price 11,0000
Selling Price 11,0000
Special Price 11,0000

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(Hon.) Happy Family Coach & Certified Counsellor
(Hon.) Happy Family Coach & Certified CounsellorMs. Srilatha
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(Hon.) Life Coach`
(Hon.) Life Coach`Mr. Mahesh Dave
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Educationalist & Career Counsellor
Educationalist & Career CounsellorMs. Asmi Gandhi
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Motivational speaker
Motivational speakerMr. Dinesh Gajjar
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Avani & Radhesh

Rated 5 out of 5

Ours is an arranged marriage. Our family met each other first and decided to get our marriage. Then we met and we were ok at that time. But, when I went to my matrimonial home, I saw completely different picture there. I talked to my parents, but they replied that it is your issue, you can solve on your own. I totally broke down and very confused that now what should I do. At that crucial time, I searched marriage counsellor on Google and found the name of Sambandhah Institute. Initially, I was very slow to talk to third party regarding my personal issues, but when I attended one session, I was completely free of that feeling. The relationship mentor was really very nice and experienced. They are very good in such guidance. Their counselling room is full of very positive vibes. The atmosphere in the room is very cozy. I liked their warm welcoming. During the first session, I felt very relaxed. Therefore, I could open myself and talked freely to them about the issues. Ek hi session me mano ki unho ne mere sare dukh le liye. Finally, they guided me a lot in very systematic manner. They guided my husband also by keeping the men’s ego in view. Now, we both are happy in our married life with full maturity and now we are planning to have a baby with their guidance also. Really thank you so much Sambandhah…

Avani & Radhesh

Kishor & Pragna

Rated 5 out of 5

We both are divorcee. We have some personal beliefs, even though we married and we have one daughter. Since we have personal beliefs from the beginning, we had fights oftenly. Once I – Pragna saw a video of Sambandhah Institute, where the Relationship Mentor of the Institute was talking on relationships issues, which are pain points for her. Therefore, I forwarded the said video to my husband – Kishor. He also felt that something needs to be worked out between them. They – both have contacted Sambandhah and booked their session and gradually, by guidance of the Counsellor, we grow our relationship, including parenting. So, thanks a lot Sambandhah for helping us in such a hard time.

Kishor & Pragna

Maya & Viral

Rated 5 out of 5

Thank you so much Sambandhah Institute for guiding us in improving communication, understanding and intimacy. Also thank you for parenting tips. We are very satisfied. We wish that Sambandhah institute will grow and achieve the height in counselling the couples.

Maya & Viral (a couple having marriage span of six years)

Sarli & Roshan

Rated 5 out of 5

Pahele ham dono bahot jagadte the, ham ek satha rahete the lekin ek nahi the, aur hamara bachcha bhi ho gaya. Jab ham ek nahi ban paye fir bhi bachche ko le aye. Hame lagta tha ki ye galat kiya aur hame koi rasta nahi dikh raha tha. Tab hamare ek dost ne Sambandhah institute ka reference diya and hamne appointment book karva ke sessions liye. Unke Counsellor ne hame basic se sab guide kiya. Unhone pahele hamara relation ko thik kiya aur bad me hame parenting ke bareme bhi tips diya. Aaj ham unke guidance ki vajah se hamari happy life ji rahe he. Thank you Sambandhah…

Sarli & Roshan

Ankita & Gurpreet

Rated 5 out of 5

We had love marriage. We know each other since long before marriage. Our parents were initially not agreed for our marriage, but finally they permitted us. We are just married before eight moths. We lived separately from the beginning. However, we had no intimacy and feeling towards each other, because we both were busy in our career. We felt that there is some gap between us but we didn’t recognise it. We contacted Sambandhah institute through Google. The counsellor of the Sambandhah institute advised us properly by arranging online sessions. We must be candid that on every session, we came closer and closer each other and ultimately, we life our happy life. We feel that the Counsellor of the Sambandhah institute has much experience towards relationship. Thank you so much Sambandhah institute.

Ankita & Gurpreet
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Apart from trust and understanding, sex and finance are other pillars of marriage.

Privacy is keeping something to yourself and secrecy is keeping something from others. Privacy is advisable in marriage whereas secrecy is destroyable.

Children are grown up when they are married and are capable to give a new generation further. Sharing everything with parents may lead to a disturbance in the couples. It is better to keep some private issues between the couple only.

Communication is the key for nurturing the marital relation. So, keep in touch with each other as possible as you can.

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