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Marriage is a boat with two Sailors, having ore in their hands, to cut the journey of life and reach the destination.

By matching the minds and hearts.

When one is able to understand the meaning of marriage.

No. Balance of thoughts and understanding is more important.

We do take precautions but the question is whether in the right direction. In ‘Sambandhah’, we have experts to guide for the same.

Marriage is the whole life spending together and wedding is the ceremony in which the couple is entering into marriage.

Instead of giving priority to see that the families match or not, the important thing to be considered is whether the minds and thoughts of the couple match or not.

It depends on one’s perspective. But, if the couple don’t match in their views and are not connected in their feelings, then remaining unmarried is better.

Yes. At Sambandhah, we try to give counselling to the persons who are planning to get married to clear their vision and lead a peaceful life.

Apart from trust and understanding, sex and finance are other pillars of marriage.

Privacy is keeping something to yourself and secrecy is keeping something from others. Privacy is advisable in marriage whereas secrecy is destroyable.

Children are grown up when they are married and are capable to give a new generation further. Sharing everything with parents may lead to a disturbance in the couples. It is better to keep some private issues between the couple only.

:           It is one of the most important factors. It gives high range of bonding between the couples which in turn gives a strong marital relation.

Communication is the key for nurturing the marital relation. So, keep in touch with each other as possible as you can.

Solve it as expeditiously as possible, instead of keeping them buried, by approaching the ‘Sambandhah’ Institute, as we have group of experts for strengthening relations.

Leaving them to their own and providing an atmosphere of privacy is the biggest help to the couples.

The earlier, the better.

Parenting is an art with the balance of love and discipline.

Discipline is to be inculcated by adopting a friendly manner.

By avoiding boring tactics and implementing playful methods.

In this technological era, diverting the child into useful methods of learning through mobile/T.V. is the remedy.

Putting the same into practice by the parents first.

By avoiding criticism, over-protecting or over-pampering.

Talking to the elder child about the expected new member in the proper perspective.

By communicating properly and not developing curiosity on this topics.

Our institute provides guidance and counselling for harmonious and effective parenting.

Marriage Counselling is a process to make the couple understand their differences and find a solution to the same.

Sharing everything with a person who is less known leads to lot of differences, which need to be removed.

The day when the couple finishes their wedding ceremonies and enters into the institution of marriage.

When the couples are open minded to understand their differences and commonly seek a solution.

The couples who want to reside happily with lot of differences

The couples with different mindselts are prepared mentally to live happily with each other for lifetime.

They are not educated to this and are taught to solve marital issues within themselves, and their mindset is such that not to disclose marital issues outside.

Definitely ‘Yes’. Marriage counselling is done by a professional who is independent.

It is an investment for marriage, because it solves the problems and stops the problems to crop up, which, in turn, helps the couples to grow in right spirit in financial, social, health, personal and relationship.

Family counselling is a process by a professional aiming at removing the differences and bringing the family together.

To bridge the gap between the family members.

Those who wish happiness and prosperity in family.

Definitely ‘Yes’, but by proper guidance.

Definitely ‘Yes’, as everyone’s perspective is considered in the process of counselling.

May be or may not be, depending on the situation and readiness.

Yes, in terms of tone and the manner of communication.

No, it is for every member of the family.

Yes, because if a person is disturbed, he/she carries the same into the family and the whole family gets disturbed.

Relationship is a bonding between ownself and others.

Man is a social animal and cannot live without relations in the society.

Friends, Family, Extended family, Social, Personal and Professional.

Differentiate the relationships into four categories : (i) Most near & dear ones in family, (ii) Extended Family, (iii) Friends and (iv) Social / Professional.

By clearly saying ‘No’ from the beginning, if that relation does not fall into the priorities.

By clear communication and not passing the negative things from one side to the other.

Giving some time for your mental and physical fitness.

Like oxygen is important to live, relations are important to live happily.

By observing their conduct in the negative situations.

No. It is a foolish thing. Temporary relations warn away in some time and permanent relations get damaged.